Scary Places / Eerie Parks & Playgrounds

Joyce Markovics
2nd - 4th
Bearport Publishing
8 x 10
Item # 1125
$18.95 each

Darkness descends on an empty playground. Squeak, squeak. Squeak, squeak. A swing slowly begins to move back and forth. Is the wind pushing it? Then the swing flies higher and higher in the air. Yet no one is around. Suddenly, there’s the pitter-patter of small feet and the faint sound of a child’s laughter. Has a spirit come to play? In the 11 creepy places in this book, readers will explore a park that’s overrun with ghosts, a playground that was built on a graveyard, a spooky shifting staircase, and more. The haunting photographs and chilling nonfiction text will keep children turning the pages.  9781642801729