Bilingual / Qué divertida es mi gata / My Cat Is Funny

Myrna Nau
K - 2nd
Rosen Publishing
8 X 8
Item # 1435
$17.70 each

This book explores funny cat behaviors and what's involved in taking care of a cat. Readers will meet Tanya, who has a cat named Izzie. Izzie likes to lie in the sun, clean herself, and stare out the window at birds. Sometimes, when Izzie sees a bird, she makes a chattering noise. This is because she wants to prey on the bird. Izzie also likes to run at full speed throughout the house. Tanya thinks this is really funny, and so will your readers. Exciting illustrations and manageable text make this book especially interesting to young readers and story-time listeners alike.   9781538348178