Graphic Classics: Kidnapped

Robert Louis Stevenson Retold by Fiona Macdonald
3rd - 8th
Barron's Educational Series
6.75 X 10.25
Item # 2965
$9.95 each

A world-famous classic novel is the basis for this brand-new, dramatically illustrated book. Transformed from Robert Louis Stevenson’s original text into a graphic novel, this, like other Graphic Classicseditions, makes a good introduction for young readers to the imaginative riches of literature. These books contain many extra features, including brief biographies of their authors, a list of each author’s important works, a glossary, and an index. Suitable for classroom use as introductions to literature for junior and senior high school students, these graphic novels entertain young readers while introducing them to the works of renowned literary artists. Full-color illustrations throughout. In Kidnapped, The young orphan David Balfour is kidnapped and forced to work aboard a sailing ship. He and his shipmates soon encounter shipwreck, which is just the first of their exciting adventures. (Hardcover) (Graphic)