Nugget & Fang Race Around The Reef

Tammi Sauer
PK - 1st
7 X 7
Item # 4638
$8.95 each

Counting and subtraction alongside hands-on elements immerse readers in this fun-filled underwater world featuring best pals Nugget and Fang. Who will win the race around the reef?

“It’s Reef Day!” said Fang. “I can’t wait to compete in the race around the reef.”

“That sounds swim-tastic!” said Nugget. "Count me in!”  

With sweet humor and simple math, Nugget and Fang race two tuna, a clown fish, and each other to see who will win the race on Reef Day. WIth a wheel to spin and pull tabs throughout the book, readers will find great joy in helping the vegetarian Fang chomp on a seaweed snack, hide the clownfish in the sea anemone, toss the tuna in a spinning whirlpool of bubbles, and helping Nugget and Fang finish the race strong. Readers will also discover how working together just might mean more than winning the race.   9780358040538