SCI-FI or STEM? / Interstellar Manned Space Travel

Jeri Freedman
6th - 8th
Rosen Publishing
6.5 X 9
Item # 5307
$25.85 each


Sci-fi novels, movies, and TV shows have provided ideas on how interstellar space travel might be accomplished, allowing humans to travel far beyond the Milky Way galaxy. Many of these ideas are being explored by scientists today. In this enlightening book, readers learn about how human interstellar travel might be accomplished and how STEM skills are being used to solve the problems involved. Human interstellar space travel raises a variety of ethical questions as well, such as who goes on this one-way trip, traveling far from home for years or even generations? This resource provides a human and technical overview of a captivating, yet contentious, topic.        9781508180371