Graphic Classics: A Midsummer Night's Dream (Graphic)

William Shakespeare Retold by Ian Graham
3rd - 8th
Barron's Educational Series
6.75 X 10.25
Item # 3087
$9.95 each

This retelling of one of Shakespeare's most popular and widely performed romantic comedies follows the fortunes and misfortunes of several young lovers against a background of playful, forest-dwelling fairies. Barron's Graphic Classics offer easy-to-follow retellings of immortal literary works. They introduce elementary and secondary school students to many of our culture's great plays, novels, and epic poems, and encourage boys and girls to discover the joy of reading the masterworks in their original form. Graphic Classics titles tell absorbing stories with high-quality color illustrations complemented with short narrative sections and dialogue balloons that capture the spirit of the originals. They also present background material to help young readers understand when and why the literary work was originally written. (Hardcover) (Graphic)