Animals That Live in the Rain Forest: Snakes (Bilingual)

Julie Guidone
K - 2nd
Weekly Reader Publishing
7.25 X 7.25
Item # 5084
$9.95 each

The rain forest is home to some of the world's biggest snakes. The huge anaconda hunts in pools and streams. It springs from the water to squeeze the life out of its unlucky prey!
Slither inside Snakes/Serpientes to learn more about these super-size swimmers and their rain forest relatives. 

Focuses on unique characteristics of amazing rain forest creatures and their adaptations to the environment.- Features vivid photos closely matched to clear text. Labels on photos reinforce key vocabulary. Supports the early elementary science curriculum. Written by an elementary school teacher and developed in consultation with a reading specialist, Susan Nations, M. Ed., to promote vocabulary, comprehension, and other aspects of reading proficiency. Lists print and web sources of further information. Includes Table of Contents, Glossary, Index (Hardcover) (Bilingaul)