Paranormal Seekers Tracking Lock Ness Monster

Jenna Vale
4th - 6th
Rosen Publishing
6.5 X 9
Item # 1489
$25.85 each

There have been accounts of a strange creature in the Scottish loch for centuries, but from 1933 up to today there have been serious efforts to find out just what is lurking in its unusually deep waters. Readers will discover the unusual physical features of Loch Ness as well as natural phenomena that might explain the sightings, at least, some of them. From the famous photograph hoax to Hollywood appearances, readers will be fascinated by humanity's relationship to this particular mythical creature. This book will also inspire readers to sharpen their critical thinking skills with the Debunk It! sidebar. It will enlighten them on the science behind attempts to map the fathoms of the Loch Ness Monster's home.  9781508185741