Paranormal Seekers Tracking Ghosts And Hauntings

Jenna Vale
4th - 6th
Rosen Publishing
6.5 X 9
Item # 1475
$25.85 each

A wispy figure in a photograph. Objects overturned, broken, or missing. Movement in the attic. These are the sorts of things people report when they believe they have encountered a ghost. Are ghosts real, or just visions and sensations captured by an overactive imagination? This book will show readers not only some of the locations for famous hauntings, but also the science and technology that goes into proving, and disproving, encounters with spirits. Readers will discover inexplicable poltergeists and baffled families, as well as logical explanations such as infrasound and magnetic fields. They will be introduced to the field of parapsychology, and learn how ghosts and hauntings have permeated the horror genre of so many forms of storytelling, including social media.  9781508185680