Paranormal Seekers Tracking Bermuda Triangle

Jenna Vale
4th - 6th
Rosen Publishing
6.5 X 9
Item # 1487
$25.85 each

Although it didn't get its iconic name until the twentieth century, the Bermuda Triangle has been mystifying travelers since Christopher Columbus crossed through the area. There are no official perimeters and the Triangle appears on no map, but still it has swallowed ships, planes, and various crew members, leaving no clue as to their fate. What causes the high number of disappearances in this area of the Atlantic? Is it a mysterious magnetic field, pirates, a weather anomaly, or something more? In this intriguing volume, readers will consider the scientific, the bizarre, and everything in between as they pore over different cases and theories about the baffling activity in the Bermuda Triangle.  9781508185710